The Messy

Why don’t we talk about what it takes to grow physically and mentally. Well, we do, it’s just so surface. I want talk about the messy mornings and late nights. The hours of planning and sacrifice.
The little daily steps that will ultimately change the entire future.
The vision. The persistence. The grind. You see battle ropes in a basement… But this is a tired body early in the morning, sleepy eyes and chill bumps. This is a wife tearing down walls and fighting demons. This is a dreamer trying to be habitual in her repetition.This is protein shakes and gallon jugs, veggies and brown rice. This is reality. This is grind. Knowing with each decision I get to create the woman I picture myself to be in 5 years.

It’s messy
It’s beautiful
It’s special
It’s scary
It’s sacrifice.

You’ve been blessed with the opportunity to create something magnificent in your life. You get to design your future. No more excuses.. If you believe It can be done it’s already in motion. Trust your intuition. Trust God. Keep pushing. You can and you will.

Author: lifewithkatieh

This Podcast is all about finding the courage to face our limiting beliefs.

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