Hey, you!

I’m Katie H.

Welcome to my world.

I know the typical thing to do is write a list of how successful I am. I’m suppose to list all of my accomplishments so that you can justify spending time reading my material. I want nothing more than to bring value; however, we tend to disconnect from people because of our perception of material success. I want to create a community of people that are just overjoyed to be alive — a group of people that understand we’re not perfect but choose to live in a flow of grace and not judgment.  This is my mission: To reach an awareness in ourselves that our material success doesn’t actually matter. What matters is the kindness we exude and the joy we bring to people. Our purpose is connection. If we disallow ourselves the abundance of this because of the fear we’ve latched onto we rob our spirit. Let’s not do that. Let’s be better. Let’s walk out of fear and into love.


You are Capable

You are Loved

You are beautiful

Don’t ever



Forget it.


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